Mareike Keicher had a artistic practice from the earliest age where she did a lot of drawings and paintings on order.
Later on, she started studying informationdesign at the Media University Stuttgart, Germany. Thematical focuses were graphic design, web design, programming, usability/UX, positive design, interface/screendesign, exhibitiondesign, 3d/VR, typography, writing, prototyping and psychology of design.
In that time she has been working in fields of graphicdesign, animation, web and UX design. Meanwhile she started her own business in retouching, graphic- and informationdesign.

She always refered to her ability to see the world in a certain way (details, colors and patterns), her timemanagement and communication and the love towards high quality imagery and work. 
Steady self-improvement, professional equipment/software and creativity methods are her key for good work. Her aim is to inspire and excite people or in other words to evoke positive emotions.
I am open to work in the fields of:

- Retouching (Beauty, Product, Fashion, Editorial, Product, Commercial)
- Coachings for Photoshop/Retouching
- Logo design, brochures, printproducts, webdesign,
- UX (advisory service)
- Motion graphics
- 3D 

For slightly different projects don't hesitate to contact me.
Calenders, prints from my own photography are also possible, please also contact me through this page.

I am also open to cooperations throughout the creative business.

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