Netflix series fanart - "Altered Carbon"

Movie fanart - "The Babysitter"

coffee trip story illustration with photoshop CC
Illustration of the shortstory "coffee trip";
Symbols: coffee cup, fly, flashback to the past, death

cover illustration about learning to fly ten short stories with metaphors; sun shines to old shabby house
Symbols: a journey of discovery, reflection on the own experiences

illustration story named "the flock"; falling in love, feeling desoriented, love sickness, drugs, death, marine biology
Illustration to the short-story "the swarm"
Symbols: be part of the community (organized in the swarm), daydream about someone, unhappy love, crash/fall, drugs, lose one's grip, death, marine biologist, experience with water

planet construction in photoshop CC, asteroids, stars and planets, light play
Illustration "universe"

Further work: reality study, concept drawings, polygon-style and vector graphics:

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